Tech Tips for Students

Listed below are some technical tips resulting from student inquiries. These quick references can be used to further assist you in understanding some features in Blackboard that may not be explained in any Blackboard documentation.


Blackboard 9.1 Best Viewed With Mozilla Firefox

Error When Trying to Open Files

Student Privacy Setting Can Result in Missing Students

Clicking on the Announcement Does Not Take You Into the Classroom

Have Your Course Buttons Mysteriously Disappeared?


Tips for Successfully Completing Online Assessments

Assessments are usually configured to allow each student one attempt. When a link is clicked to take an assessment the next screen will prompt "Click Ok to begin ... Click Cancel to return." If you are not ready to take the assessment then click on Cancel. If you click on Ok then you are committed. There is no going back. The assessment must be completed. More info


Do your work "offline" on your word processor.

This is the Internet equivalent of "The dog ate my homework." Instructors have little patience with hearing that you lost your work just as you were going to send it. Internet users know that service will often be disrupted with no warning. If you work offline and save your files to your computer or a flashdrive, you don't have to worry about being disconnected before you finish and submit your work.


ALWAYS save your files before you send them to your instructor.

Again, the electronic world is uncertain. Always save a copy of your files on your computer or a flashdrive in case something gets lost in cyberspace. It's your responsibility to complete and turn in assignments; instructors cannot assign a grade based on work they've never seen.


How to be successful in an online course.

Have questions on how much time or work is required for an online course? Click here to find what you should expect to be successful in an online course.


I don't have the latest version of Microsoft Word 2007. How can I open those documents that my instructor provides in Blackboard?

If you are unable to open an Office 2007 document, a free Microsoft compatibility package (Plug-In) is available for download that, once installed, will allow you to open and save these formats in earlier versions of Microsoft Office. You can install the compatibility pack on a computer that is running Microsoft Office 2003 programs, Microsoft Office XP programs, or Microsoft Office 2000 programs. Click here to access and download the Plug-In.


Confused? Need help? Questions?

First, ask your classmates! Most instructors provide a discussion board dedicated specifically to questions about the technology and the class. Use the discussion board to ask your fellow students how to solve a technical problem...chances are, there are some "computer wizards" in your class who can find a solution to your problem.
Then, ask your instructor or Contact Us.