ProTrain Online Courses


Prince George's Community College offers online coursework for "Green"/Renewable Energy Training, provided by ProTrain. The "online classrooms" for these courses are password-protected and provide e-mail, course content, and other course tools common in online courses. The online classroom can be accessed over the Internet at any time of day or night. You will be able to participate entirely from the comfort of your home or office at times that are most convenient to you.


The start dates and lengths of these instructor-led courses vary from course to course.


All courses require Internet access, E-mail, and the Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox Web browser.


What types of courses are offered by ProTrain?

ProTrain online courses provide "Green"/Renewable Energy Training. ProTrain course topics include:

  • "Green" training courses
  • environmental services
  • Solid Waste Operations certificate
  • and more


Get Started

Step 1:  Select a ProTrain Course

Step 2:  Register and Pay

Step 3:  Complete the Registration Form at the ProTrain Site

Step 4:  Check your Hardware and Software

Step 5:  Learn When and How to Access Your ProTrain Course

Step 6:  Begin Your ProTrain Course


Step 1: Select a ProTrain Course

If the ProTrain topics interest you, then you may be ready to look for a particular class that uses the ProTrain format.


To see the ProTrain courses available, click here.


Step 2: Register and Pay

Click here for information about registering and paying for your course.


NOTE: If your course is not listed on Owl Link, please call the PGCC coordinator at 301-546-0120.


Step 3: Complete the Registration Form at the ProTrain Site

After you have registered and paid for a course, you must go to the Web site, and locate the course you have chosen.

  1. Click "Programs & Courses".
  2. Then click the drop-down arrow to select your class.
  3. After reading the information, click the "Register" button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Complete the Registration Form and click "Register".



Step 4: Check Your Hardware and Software

Click here to view the computer requirements for ProTrain courses.



Step 5: Learn When and How to Access Your ProTrain Course

WHEN to access your ProTrain noncredit online course

  • Once you receive login information e-mailed from ProTrain, you may access your course.


HOW to access your ProTrain noncredit online course

  • Specific login information (Web address, username, and password) will be sent to you by ProTrain, shortly before the course begins.



Step 6: Begin Your ProTrain Course

When you receive the course Web address and login information sent you in an e-mail from ProTrain, then you can use that information to access the course right away.


Be sure to login frequently to your online course.

If you have questions about the coursework, don't hesitate to contact your instructor, by e-mail or by phone. Communication is very important in an online course.

Now, enjoy your course and be successful!


More Questions?

If you have additional questions, please contact eLearning Services.



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