Register for an Online Noncredit Course

How to Register for Noncredit/Continuing Education Courses Online using Owl Link

To register online through Owl Link,
you must have your current e-mail address on record with the college.


To Access Owl Link
1. Go to  (Remember payment is due at the time of registration.)


2. On the "Owl Link" page

  • If you already have a PGCC user ID and password please "Log-in" now.
  • If not proceed to step 3.


3. Click on the "Workforce Development and Continuing Ed Students" box.


4. Click on "Enroll and Register for Courses".


5. Use the search criteria on the page to find a class and section:

  • Insert a word from the course title, or
  • Insert a course number (for example ENR-317), or
  • Insert a general topic code from the drop-down box, or
  • Insert a specific location

Hint: limit search criteria to one or two items


6. Click "Submit."


7. Choose a section from the displayed courses (by clicking the "Select" box beside your desired class) and click "Submit" (at the bottom of the page).


8. Complete all of the information on the personal information page.  Although only a few of the fields are marked as mandatory, completing the address and phone fields will ensure that you will receive your certificate or transcript in a timely manner and that we will be able to reach you by phone in the event of a course cancellation or location change.  Be sure to click in the box at the bottom of the page to certify that the information is correct.


9. Complete the optional "Additional Registration Information" and submit.


10. Your course and amount due will display on the screen.  You can either check out or continue to register for additional courses.  Use the "Choose one of the following" drop-down box for your next action.  When you have finished selecting all courses, choose "Register Now (Check Out)" from the drop-down menu and click "Submit."


11. The electronic card entry page will appear.  Enter the required fields and submit your payment.  You will not be registered in any of your classes until you submit payment.  Be sure the address shown is the billing address for your credit card.


12. You will receive payment confirmation, user ID and temporary password by e-mail.  Use that ID and password to log-in in the future.  You can also check on your classroom location, grades, student account and display your class schedule.  You can reset your password at any time.

If you have questions during any part of the registration process, click on "Help."



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