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Ed2Go Courses




ART-345 Drawing for the Absolute Beginner (online)

BUS-355 Start and Operate Your Own Home-Based Business
BUS-438 Starting a Consulting Practice
OFC-346 Administrative Assistant Fundamentals

OFC-321 Effective Business Writing
OFC-347 Grammar Refresher

CRE-375 Creating Web Graphics with Photoshop CS3
DPR-310 Dreamweaver, Version MX 2004
DPR-329 Java for the Beginner
DPR-342 Introduction to MS-Excel, Version 2003
DPR-383 Introduction to ASP.NET
DPR-394 Learn to Buy and Sell on eBay
DPR-403 Introduction to Flash 8
DPR-409 Achieving Top Search Engine Positions
DPR-415 Introduction to Windows Vista
DPR-421 Intermediate MS-Excel, Version 2003
DPR-422 Introduction to MS-Access, Version 2003
DPR-431 Introduction to Networking
DPR-434 Intermediate Oracle
DPR-435 Introduction to C# Programming
DPR-437 Intermediate MS-Access, Version 2003
DPR-445 Introduction to Alice 2.0 Programming
DPR-447 MS-Publisher, Version 2003
DPR-449 Introduction to QuickBooks, Version 2007
DPR-450 Introduction to Windows, Version XP
DPR-451 Computer Skills for the Workplace
DPR-461 Introduction to Oracle
DPR-462 Introduction to Database Development
DPR-463 Introduction to SQL
DPR-464 Introduction to Perl Programming
DPR-469 Creating Web Pages, Part II
DPR-473 Introduction to Front Page, Version 2003
DPR-479 C++ for the Absolute Beginner
DPR-485 Creating Web Pages
DPR-492 Introduction to Crystal Reports, Version 10
DPR-497 Introduction to Macromedia Flash, Version MX 2004
DPR-514 Introduction to Linux
DPR-517 Introduction to the Internet
DPR-530 Introduction to MS-Word, Version 2007
DPR-532 Introduction to MS-Excel, Version 2007
DPR-540 Introduction to PHP and MySQL
DPR-583 Intermediate PHP and MySQL
DPR-585 Introduction to Python 2.5 Programming
DPR-597 Introduction to QuickBooks, Version 2008
DPR-609 Introduction to Dreamweaver 8
OFC-351 Introduction to MS-Word, Version 2003
OFC-352 Intermediate MS-Word, Version 2003
OFC-353 Advanced MS-Word, Version 2003

Child Care
DCR-328 Enhancing Language Development in Childhood (Content Area D)
DCR-452 Ready, Set, Read! (Content Area D)

FIN-310 Debt Elimination Techniques That Work
FIN-345 Introduction to Stock Options
FIN-346 Personal Finance
OFC-350 Accounting Fundamentals, Part I
OFC-354 Accounting Fundamentals, Part II



LAW-350 Paralegal Certificate Program 1
LAW-351 Paralegal Certificate Program 2
LAW-352 Paralegal Certificate Program 3
LAW-353 Paralegal Certificate Program 4
LAW-354 Paralegal Certificate Program 5
LAW-355 Paralegal Certificate Program 6

HES-354 Medical Terminology, Word Association

MUS-339 Music Made Easy

CRE-349 Exploring Digital Photography

Teacher Training
SKB-412 Teaching Math, Grades 4 - 6
SKB-415 Teaching Science, Grades 4 - 6
SKB-416 Survival Kit for New Teachers
SKB-417 The Creative Classroom
SKB-431 Teaching Students with Autism: Strategies for Success
SKB-433 Response to Intervention: Reading Strategies That Work
SKB-475 Creating the Inclusive Classroom: Strategies for Success
SKB-476 Solving Classroom Discipline Problems, Part I
SKB-477 Solving Classroom Discipline Problems, Part. II

Test Prep
SKB-357 GRE Preparation, Course I, Verbal
SKB-358 GRE Preparation, Course II, Quantitative
SKB-361 LSAT Preparation, Course I
SKB-362 LSAT Preparation, Course II




SKB-307 The Craft of Magazine Writing
SKB-326 Write Fiction Like a Pro
SKB-367 Writing Your Life's Story
SKB-382 Internet Writing Markets
SKB-386 Keys to Effective Editing
SKB-393 Beginner's Guide to Getting Published
SKB-403 Travel Writing



ProTrain "Green"/Renewable Energy Training Courses


  • View this list to choose a course that interests you.
  • Make note of the Category (for example, Environmental Services) and Course ID (for example, CIE-300).
  • For a description of each of these “Environmental Services” courses, view the Noncredit Course Descriptions.
  • To learn when these “Environmental Services” courses are offered, view the Course Schedules.
  • For scheduling information for courses not currently scheduled, call the PGCC coordinator at 301-546-0120.


Environmental Services
CIE-300 The Certified Indoor Environmentalist
CIE-301 Fundamentals of Solar Water Heating
CIE-302 Landfill Operations
CIE-303 Composting Operations
CIE-304 Household Hazardous Waste


Note: The following courses are not listed on Owl Link. If you are interested in one of these, call the PGCC coordinator at 301-546-0120.


"Green"/ Renewable Energy Training Online
Building Energy Efficiency
Building / Home Energy Analyst (HERS)
Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager (CIAQM)
Certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIE)
Certified Microbial Investigator (CMI)
Fundamentals of Mold Inspection
Fundamentals of Solar Hot Water Heating
Green Building Sales Professional
Green Building Technical Professional
Green Building for Contractors NEW
LEED Green Associate (v3)
Photovoltaic System Design & Installation
Solid Waste Operations Certificate
Water Treatment Operations Certificate
Wastewater Treatment Operations Certificate
Weatherization Energy Auditor
Energy-Efficient Design for Architects
Fundamentals of Sustainable Buildings
Energy Auditing Software Training
Indoor Air Quality - Standard 62.1


Sustainability - Green Supply Chain Training
Carbon Strategies
Green Purchasing Fundamentals
Sustainability 101
Certified Sustainability Professional (5 courses)
Green Supply Chain Professional GSCP (5 courses)
Senior Certified Sustainability Professional (10 courses)


Alternative Energy Operations
LEED 2009 Building Design and Construction BD+C (Summer '09)
Wind Energy Technology (Coming Soon)
Home Energy Auditor/Consultant (Coming Soon)
Commercial Energy Auditor/Consultant (Coming Soon)
Code Training/New Construction Inspection
Weatherization Installer


For more information about each of these ProTrain "Green training" courses, visit




Blackboard Noncredit Courses


Child Care
DCR-303 Child Growth and Development, 45 Hours
DCR-304 Curriculum/Activities, 45 Hours
DCR-310 Child Care, 90 Hours
DCR-455 Communication Skills for Child Care Professionals
DCR-456 School-Age Curriculum Development, 45 Hours

Health Care
HES-332 Pharmacy Technician

Human Resources Management
MGT-671 Managing Employees as a Human Resource Business Partner

Management & Supervision
MGT-582 Disaster Recovery and Risk Management
MGT-584 Principles of Management
MGT-585 Introduction to Business
MGT-598 Managing in the Public Sector

Non-Profit Management
VOL-330 Take Action - Write Now: Research, Develop and Write a Grant Proposal


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