Getting Started Checklist



I've registered for an online class - now what? The online classroom is different from attending a class on campus. Complete the following tasks to get started in your Online, Hybrid/Online or Accelerated Online course.


Important Dates

  • May 28: Summer 2020 courses starting on June 1st become available in Blackboard to students
  • June 1: First day of the Summer 2020 semester
  • June 1: First day of Summer 2020 online and hybrid courses

Full Semester Courses

Full semester (15-week courses) begin for the Summer 2020 semester on June 1st. If your course starts after this date, it is considered an Accelerated Course.


Accelerated Courses

All courses that begin after the beginning of the semester (June 1, 2020) or end before the official end of the semester are Accelerated Online courses. Students registered for an Accelerated Online course will have access to the Blackboard course site 4 calendar days (during the summer, fall, and winter sessions), and 5 calendar days (during the spring sessions) prior to the start date of the course.


For example:

- If (during the summer session), the course start-date is on June 16, students will be able to access their course on June 12 (4 calendar days before).


- If (during the spring session), the course start-date is on January 21, students will be able to access their course on January 16 (5 calendar days before).


Your Course Start Date
Date Your Course is
Available in Blackboard
June 1
May 28
June 3
May 30
June 12
June 8


Unsure what day your course starts? Check individual course start dates here. Don't see your course listed? Check here.




All first-time online and hybrid/online students should complete orientation. The Summer 2020 Online Student Orientation will be conducted online in Blackboard, Prince George's Community College's learning management system (LMS).


All credit students are automatically enrolled in a Blackboard course “2020SU Student Bb Orientation.” From this Blackboard course, students can access the online student orientation and other helpful information to help them get started in their online course. Credit students can view the Student Online Orientation from your list of courses.
Note: The orientation course is not graded or required. However, it is highly recommended.


Some instructors also conduct mandatory Instructor-led Orientation sessions. Your instructor will contact you via email with further instructions on how and when to access their orientation.

Orientation contains information on:

  • The basics of online learning and your online course(s)
  • Requirements for online students
  • Online student responsibilities
  • How to determine if your computer has the minimum hardware and software requirements
  • The learning and technical skills you will need to be a successful online student
  • How to log in and use Blackboard
  • The virtual campus and resources available to online students




You must setup your Owl Mail account. Once your course begins, the ONLY way the college and your instructor are allowed to communicate with you is through your Owl Mail account and all email sent through Blackboard goes to your Owl Mail account.


Please note: if you have an existing Hotmail account you MUST sign out of your Hotmail account in order to login and view your Owl Mail email. Click here for information about Owl Mail.


Online classes are conducted through Blackboard, the college’s online classroom platform.


Students will be able to access their course in Blackboard 4 calendar days prior to the start date of the course. (For example, if the course begins on June 16th, students will be able to log in and see their course on June 12th.)


If you are uncertain about the exact start date of your course, please check Owl Link or visit the Class Schedules page on the eLearning website.


You can access Blackboard in a variety of ways:



You must have your Owl Link account set up in order to access Blackboard. Use your Owl Link username and password to log into Blackboard. Click here for information about Owl Link.



All online classes have due dates and deadlines just like campus classes. It is important that you log in to your course as soon as it is available so that you can begin your course work.


Once you log in to your course, if you have any questions about the course be sure to contact your instructor immediately!


Have a Great Semester!