Semester Preparation



Verify in Owl Link the course name, number and section that you are assigned to teach online

  • If you are not the instructor on record in Owl Link, please contact your department chair to update Owl Link. This is also important so that you can monitor student enrollments.
  • If you are listed in Owl Link as the instructor, you should see your course shell in Blackboard within 2 days of being entered as the instructor in Colleague.


Decide if you will be conducting an Instructor-led Orientation Session


  • If you are interested in conducting an on-campus session to meet with your students on the evening of eLearning Orientation session, contact eLearning Services to coordinate the session.


Get your Blackboard course ready for students:


  • Update course syllabus, course dates, announcements and other information.
  • Students will have access to your course in Bb 4 days before the start of the course (5 days for the spring semester).




Verify your course listing on the eLearning Website to ensure your course information is accurate.

Finalize all course updates in Blackboard to ensure the course is ready for student access


  • Online students gain access to their online course materials 4 days prior to the course start date (5 days for the spring semester). This allows students to view the syllabus and prepare to begin the online course.

Check the course roster in Owl Link to monitor number of enrolled students


Prepare for your Instructor-led Orientation session (if applicable)




On the Evening of eLearning Orientation Session:


  • Conduct your scheduled Instructor-led Orientation session (if applicable)

4 days prior to the course start date:


  • Be prepared for students to access your course; Encourage students who missed the eLearning Orientation session to view the Student Bb Orientation course in Bb. All students registered for a credit course are automatically enrolled in the orientation course.

On the Start Date of the Course: