Blackboard Content Collection

The Blackboard Content Collection system allows faculty to organize and share course files, documents and other content as well as link content to courses and organizations. With the content system, you can store your files once and link to them from any Blackboard course or organization saving on storage space and time.



Did you miss the Blackboard Content Collection Demo?

Blackboard conducted a Content Collection Demo at the Largo campus on Thursday, April 23, 2015.


Click here to watch a copy of the recorded demo (1.5 hours, segmented into 7 parts.).


For a short introduction to Content Collection and it's use, click here.


What is Content Collection?

  • File management system for personal, course, and institutional document management, sharing, and re-use. You can store your content into folders that can be easily accessed by your courses. This way, you do not have to store the same document in each of your courses, simply save the document to your virtual drive or your Department's virtual drive so other faculty can access the document, and link to the document from your course.
  • Blackboard Drive is a desktop application that allows mapping a network drive to the Content Collection in Blackboard Learn. With Blackboard Drive you can manage content from your desktop using desktop tools like Windows® Explorer, Mac OS® X Finder and Microsoft Office, or from the web interface. Your content will be automatically updated in Blackboard. For installation instructions, click here.


How Does Content Collection Work?

The Blackboard Content Collection system makes it easier and more efficient to store and back up your files, and to use them in your Blackboard courses and organizations. Without Content Collection, you had to upload documents to each course or organization in which you wanted to use them. With Content Collection, you can store your files in the content system once, and link to them from any Blackboard course or organization.


For a video on how to upload content to the Content Collection area, click here. To read instructions on how to upload content to the Content area and set permissions, click here.


Why would I use a Content Collection system?

  • Security:  Store all your course documents securely.
  • Accessibility:  Make all your documents and files searchable.
  • Shareable:  Share files with individuals and groups.
  • Version Control:  Update your files easily and track versions of them.
  • Convenience:  Store files only once, and use them in many Blackboard courses and organizations.


How will I learn to use the Content Collection system?

Training workshops will be available soon - watch your email for training dates. You can also call or email eLearning to schedule an appointment to go over Content Collection. Contact Us