How to Install Blackboard Drive
And How to Access Bb Files

Install Blackboard Drive


Steps to install Bb Drive:

1. Run the appropriate executable for your computer found here:

Installers for Windows

•64-bit -
•32-bit -
Release Notes:


Installer for Mac

•64-bit -
•Release Notes -

2. Click on the file that just downloaded in Step 1. This should be in the bottom left area of your screen.

Downloaded file

3. Select language (English)

choose language

4. Click Next



5. Check Agreement, click Next. You may get a message saying "Ready to Install Blackboard Drive"


6. Select Destination Folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Blackboard\Drive\ Click "Next"

Destination folder

7. Select preferred "Installation Options", Click Next.

install options

8.  You will get a "Completed" screen. Click "Finish".


9. You will get a message saying you must restart your computer.


10. After restart, you will get a message to "Please Stop and Read". Click "Accept"




11. Upon startup, the program runs minimized in the System Tray.

Verify that the BbDrive icon is displayed within the system tray and click on it.

Bb Drive



12. Add a Volume

The window should open with the Volumes tab active. Click the plus (+) sign in the bottom left corner to add a Volume.

Add Network Drive


13. Configure the Volume

Give the volume a name. The letter "E" should work

Enter one of the following URL's into the Full URL field depending on which folder you want to link to: (I recommend the 3rd option as that will give you access to all of your folders)

Enter your Blackboard username and password for Username and password.

Click OK.




14. Click "Connect" to connect to Blackboard.



15. You should get a message that says "Connected".





Accessing files using Blackboard Drive 


Once your Volume is connected, you can access your Blackboard files on your computer.


1. Click on the 'Computer' Icon on your desktop.


2. You should see the drive you configured under "Network Location"


Network location


3. Depending on which URL you selected in step 13 on the previous page, you will see a list of folders.

list of folders


4. Click on the folder you wish to work in. Here you can access your documents and modify them as you wish.

Once you edit or create documents here, they will be synchronized with your Blackboard files without having to upload them again.


List of documents