Blackboard Blogs, Journals and Wikis

Blogs, Journals and Wikis can be used for self-reflection, collaboration and communication. Blogs and Journals give students the opportunity to share and construct knowledge. Students can benefit from comments from peers and the instructor as they interact, collaborate, and share information, resources, opinions, and ideas. Wikis are a page or set of pages, that can be collaboratively edited by the instructor and by the students enrolled in the class.


What are Blogs, Journals and Wikis?


Blogs are chronological posts from one or more people, meaning entries are entered and displayed by date of entry. Replies can only be made through side comments. Blogs are group-based either with smaller groups or the entire class contributing to the blog.


Journals are private reflections and writings by one person.  Another term for journal is "diary". Journals are private to the student and the instructor but can be made public.


Wikis allow students to add content to a Blackboard course web site. Students can edit and add pages, images and links. A log of all changes is kept, so it is easy to keep track of a given page's editorial history, and of students' editing activity.



Getting Started with Blackboard Blogs 

A Blog—a shorthand term that means Web log—is a personal online journal that is frequently updated and intended for general public viewing. Each Blog entry can include any combination of text, images, links, multimedia, Mashups, and attachments. Blogs encourage students to clearly express their ideas and addresses the need to expand various aspects of social learning. Blogs are an effective means of gaining insight into students' activities and provide a way to share the knowledge and materials collected.

In Blackboard Learn, only enrolled users can view and author Blogs.


The owner of the Blog creates multiple entries over a period of time and the instructor and course members can add comments. A Blog can also be owned by the course or a Group. In the Group area, all members of a Group can create entries for the same Blog, building upon one another. Any course member can read and comment on a Group Blog, but cannot make entries if not a member of the group.


Watch the videos below to learn how to create, edit and comment on blogs.



For more information, read the following tutorials:




Getting Started with Blackboard Journals

Journals is a self-reflective tool that allows students to post their personal reflections about the course or discuss and analyze course related materials. Students have the opportunity for personalized and private conversations with the instructor or Group members. Journal assignments can help students make connections between their experiences as they create meaning and internalize learning.


Watch the videos below to learn how to create a journal and comment on journal entries.


For more information, read the following tutorials:



A Wiki is a collection of web pages that allow users to add and edit content collectively. Wikis can be set up for groups of students or for the entire course.


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