Is Online Learning right for me?

Taking an online class has many advantages, including increased flexibility in completing homework assignments, the ability to communicate with your classmates and your instructor from the convenience of your own home or workplace, and enhanced access to written materials ranging from discipline specific internet resources to saved chats and instructor's class announcements.


However, an online class is not for everyone. For instance, if you need the discipline of meeting on campus several times a week and you enjoy the in-person interaction between other students and your instructor, you are more likely to succeed in an on-campus class. The following are characteristics of students who would do well in an online class.


Successful online students must have both Technical Skills and Study Skills.


Take a good look at yourself as a learner...

What grades do you typically earn?
Students who do well in on-campus classes typically do well in online classes. So, you can expect to earn the same grade in an online class as you would earn in an on-campus class.

Do you understand and remember what you read?
Most online classes are text-based and rely on the written word to communicate instructions and course content. If you are a poor reader, you will have more difficulty understanding directions and the course material.

Do you meet deadlines?
The world is dividedinto two types of procrastinators: those who meet deadlines and those who don't. You can be a procrastinator and still do well in an online class, BUT you must turn in your work on time if you expect to be successful.