How to Take an Online Course

Don't let your busy schedule prevent you from pursuing your educational goals. PGCC offers over 200 credit courses that can be taken completely or partially online with few or no campus visits. For information on Noncredit Courses, click here.


Where do I begin?

Explore the eLearning Website to find out everything you need to know about taking an online course at PGCC, including the current schedule of online courses. Consult with your academic advisor about which online courses best fit your academic needs.


How do I register for an online course at PGCC?

The registration process for online courses at PGCC is the same as for traditional classroom courses. Current students should register through Owl Link. If you are new to PGCC, contact Admissions and Records at 301-546-7422 or Bladen Hall Room 126, to learn how to apply to the school, register and pay for classes.


How and when can I log in and see my class?

You must use your Owl Link user ID and password to log in to Blackboard.  New Owl Link users should keep in mind that it typically takes one business day for your Owl Link and Blackboard accounts to synchronize. Students can log in to Blackboard and see their online classes 4 calendar days (during the summer, fall, and winter sessions), and 5 calendar days (during the spring sessions) prior to the start date of the class.

For example:

- If (during the summer session), the course start-date is on June 16, students will be able to access their course on June 12 (4 calendar days before).


- If (during the spring session), the course start-date is on January 21, students will be able to access their course on January 16 (5 calendar days before).


What does it cost to take an online course?

Tuition for online courses is the same as other credit courses at PGCC. Contact Admissions and Records for more information about tuition, financial aid and how to pay for classes at PGCC.


How do I turn in homework and take tests?

Students visit their “classroom” via a Web-based course management system called Blackboard. This is where students access course materials, submit assignments, take tests and quizzes, and participate in class discussions and other activities required by the instructor.


Instructors may use additional software and websites, depending on the course. Typically, course work is completed during the week assigned at a time convenient for the student. Except for taking tests, turning in assignments and other course deadlines, when coursework is completed during the week is up to individual students.


Some instructors require students to have their tests proctored either on-campus in the testing center or, for students outside of the area, with an approved proctor. Details regarding special requirements for each course can be found on the Online Class Schedules page.


What about books and materials?

Contact the PGCC bookstore at (301) 546-0912 or and refer to your class syllabus for information about textbooks and other course materials.


Are online classes different from regular on-campus classes?

When you register for an online course, you should expect equivalent content and opportunity for learning as students who take the course on-campus. Online courses are not easy replacements for on-campus classes and they are not for everyone.


If you need the discipline of meeting in the classroom several times a week and you enjoy the in-person interaction between other students and your instructor; you may be more likely to succeed in an on-campus class.



What if I want to drop an online course?

The same drop/add and refund policies apply to online courses. If you need to drop an online course, contact admissions and records at 301-546-7422.

How will I learn in an online course?

You will learn in much the same way you do in a face-to-face class. You’ll be expected to read the textbook and other course materials and to communicate with your instructor and fellow classmates via the Internet using Blackboard, PGCC’s online classroom.

How do I contact my instructor?

You can find your instructor's contact information by clicking on the "more information" link in the course schedule section of the eLearning website. You can also find your instructor's contact information in your Blackboard classroom and in the course syllabus.


What if I still have questions?

If you have additional questions about how to take an online course, contact the eLearning Services office and we will be happy to assist you.