About Online Learning


Online learning refers to courses delivered through the Internet

Online courses offer the same content as on-campus courses. The difference between online and classroom courses is the delivery format. Students visit their 'classroom' via a web-based course management system called Blackboard.


Online courses are taught by the same instructors who teach on-campus courses

Instructors apply the same standards for success in their online classes as they do in their on-campus classrooms.

Online learning offers flexibility and convenience for learners

Students may access the class from a computer with an Internet connection 24 hours a day, seven days a week from home, work, or other places such as the Prince George's Community College campus computer lab or the public library.

There are weekly deadlines and assignments, and few or no on-campus sessions

Lectures, class assignments, tests and discussions take place online. NOTE: Some courses require on-campus proctored tests. Details regarding on-campus testing requirements for each course can be found on the Online Class Schedules page.

Most of our online courses are full semester in length and follow the regular semester academic schedule

Details regarding course duration for each course can be found on the Online Class Schedules page.

Typically, coursework is completed during the week assigned at a time convenient for the student

Except for tests, turning in assignments, and other course deadlines, when coursework is completed during the week is up to the individual student. Many students find it helpful to commit to certain time blocks to complete their online course.

Our instructors use Blackboard for all online courses

Blackboard is the course management system students will use to access course materials, submit assignments, take tests and quizzes, participate in class discussions, and other activities as required by the instructor. Instructors may use additional software and websites, depending on the course. Details regarding special requirements for each course can be found on the Online Class Schedules page.


Online Course Formats


PGCC offers a variety of online course options:

The college uses Blackboard as the course management system for all online courses. Just as you have become familiar with the arrangement of a classroom on campus, you will become familiar with the features of an online classroom within Blackboard (Bb).



Using a computer at home, work or a public place, you will log in to class to receive course information, view course content, submit assignments, and have discussions with your instructor and fellow students <more>


Hybrid Online

Not all online courses offered at PGCC are entirely online. We also offer Hybrid/Online courses that have scheduled on-campus meeting dates and times and online course activities. The number of on-campus meetings varies - some only meet once a month while others may meet every week. <more>


Accelerated Online

Accelerated Online courses are online courses offered in a condensed time frame. They offer additional flexibility for your schedule because they are shorter in duration than full-semester courses. Accelerated Online courses contain the same amount of coursework as full-semester online courses. Consider choosing an Accelerated Online course if you cannot commit to a full semester course schedule <more>


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